About Us

Aswath Builders is a name instantly identified with Madurai. We are one of the best Builders in Madurai. The city in which we are headquartered, which we understand with instinctive ease and with which we share our past and future. Aswath Builders operates out of spacious modern offices, located at Madurai, in the heart of the city. Our offices reflect our futuristic outlook predominantly chrome and glass, fully networked and computerised, graced by select pieces from our excellent art collection.

Over the years, we have constructed luxury apartments, residential enclaves modern offices, showrooms, state-of-the-art software facilities and a multi-storey industrial complex. At any given time, we have a range of projects that are in various stages of conception and creation. We have progressively introduced value-enhancing features to our buildings. These include advanced fire and security protection systems and technology like the Integrated Building Monitoring and Security System, which centrally monitors all building functions and systems. This has enabled us to increase building efficiency and ensure the continual comfort of its residents. We were also one of the first to incorporate eco-friendly measures like rainwater harvesting and waste recycling systems into our projects.

Our Vision

Our corporate vision has evolved with time and organisational growth. Our vision and intent now encompass not just building better homes or offices.

Quality Policy

  • We value our relationship with Customers and meet their Expectations as a team by
  • Providing quality housings at appropriate prices by effective utilization of resources.
  • Using right materials and latest technologies in construction for safe and quality buildings.
  • Timely handing over and providing after sales Service to Customers.
  • Developing team effort and professional excellence to achieve continual improvement and meeting customer satisfaction.


It's our team of efficient and experienced professionals that makes us the sought after construction firm. Our team, our backbone comprises of 'Real Estate Professional Exponents'. We involve our Staff in all aspects of project from inception to delivery. This helps in molding a team that can be involved in new construction, resort development and traditional commercial & residential real estate sales.